I get you, friend.

I was in your shoes a couple years ago.

If you keep shooting as many weddings as you have been you'll burn out in a few years. You eventually want to grow a family (or maybe you're already a mompreneur!) but your work/life balance is out of whack. 

You can only do so much yourself, you're sick of turning away dream clients cause you're already booked, and you don't know how to scale your biz to the next level cause you're already maxed out. 

You think building a team is brilliant, BUT at the same time you have a million and one questions about how to do it the right way. It probably freaks you out a bit - trusting someone to keep your style consistent, what to include in your contract, and how much to pay them.

You crave: 

  • better work/life balance 
  • mid-summer weekend trips or happy hours on Saturdays!
  • scaling your biz to the next level (cause more money opens doors to make a bigger impact + more freedom)
  • not having to turn away dream brides cause you're already booked 
  • creative community
  • to make an impact and teach other photographers
  • and ultimately... a day off while someone shoots a wedding for you

This course + building an associate team is for you if you could relate to any of these! I'll help you get the confidence you need to successfully build an associate team and scale your biz.

And save ya some headaches along the way!

We'll cover taxes and insurance, deciding pricing of associate collections and how much to take home vs. how much to pay your associates, how to confidently manage your client workload with the systems so you don't have to work even more than you're working now, and give you the exact steps you need to scale your business, serve more dream clients, and become more financially free.

Hey, I'm Ali!

It all started on my dorm room floor and three years later I had a six-figure business. In 2016 I got pregnant with my daughter and decided it was time to build a team. I'm a toddler girl + cat mom, who geeks out over self-development + mindset, shooting weddings, leading and spending time with my associate team, and teaching photographers (I'm lookin at you!) how to build businesses that give them purpose + support their dream lives.
Hey, I'm Ali!

I'll teach you how...

my income jumped from $75k to $150k in one year of having an associate team

  • to hire the right people and be able to trust them

  • to figure out how much to pay your associates

  • to explain the associate process to potential clients

  • ...and what i've learned in 3 years of having associates

Kiana Grant Photography


Kiana Grant Photography

I was on the fence about jumping in and purchasing Ali's associate course. I already had a few photographers on my team and I felt like I had a relatively good handle on things so I wasn't sure if it would be a good fit for me. I'm SO glad I dove in and made this investment. I can't express how much more confidence I have over the details of my associate program after taking Ali's course. If you're on the fence about starting an associate team, you CAN do it!!! However, save yourself the hassle and don't try to do it without taking this course too :) This content isn't out there anywhere else and it will save you countless hours and a lot of mistakes if you set yourself up well from the beginning! 
The Jeno Collective


The Jeno Collective

Ali has got associates down to the T. This course was so wonderful with helping me figure out where I'm lacking in the few associate weddings I do have booked, and how to make it an overall smooth process. I love how in depth the course is, especially how to set up your website + pricing guide to book associate weddings. It's so apparent that Ali is passionate about this, and this just shows how talented she is. I would 10/10 recommend this course to anyone in the process of setting up an associates program within their business!
Nikki Kate Photography


Nikki Kate Photography

Ali is an amazing teacher! This course gave me the courage and confidence to pursue an associate program in my business! Ali is someone I have looked up to in this industry and it was so amazing of her to share her experience with associates. She shared her examples, stories, and the trials she faced throughout developing her associate program which was super helpful. She provides so much information that I did not even consider and took the guess work out of all the intimidating factors of developing an associate program! I would highly recommend this course to any photographer who is ready to level up their business!
Hannah Ampe Photography


Hannah Ampe Photography

Ali's knowledge and passion for teaching is simply incredible!! I am 3+ years into my business and have kept contemplating about starting an associate program of my own. I have been stalking Ali and her associate program for a while, so when I got the chance to learn from the best, I jumped on it right away! Now that I have all of Ali's expertise, I feel confident that I can go out and start my squad. :) Ali makes everything look and feel so attainable and so reachable. After taking this course I feel empowered to keep growing my business and my wallet. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone who is even just thinking about starting a team!


  • 1
    ONE: Welcome!
    • 1.1 | So happy you're here!
    • Join the Facebook Community!
    • Ideal Client Questionnaire Worksheets
    • Full Course Workbook
    • Steps to Associate Launch Timeline
  • 2
    TWO: The Setup Phase
    • 2.1 | Welcome to Hiring + Training!
    • 2.2 | The Hiring Process
    • 2.3 | The Training Process
    • Document: Sample Job Description
    • Document: Sample Interview Questions
    • Document: Sample Training Day Schedule
    • Sample Hiring Email
    • Hiring and Training Worksheets + Assignments
    • Submit your Q&A for this week's coaching call!
    • Hiring and Training Coaching Call Recording
  • 3
    THREE: The Nitty Gritty
    • 3.1 | Welcome to all things pricing, legal, you name it!
    • 3.2 | Contracts, Policies, and Insurance
    • 3.3 | Pricing for Profit
    • BONUS: Sample Policy List
    • BONUS: Associate Independent Contractor Contracts - PLEASE get approved by a local lawyer!
    • BONUS: Job Specific Expense Spreadsheet
    • BONUS: Overhead Expense Spreadsheet
    • BONUS: Product & Service Annual Estimator
    • Nitty Gritty Worksheets + Assignments
    • Submit your Q&A for this week's coaching call!
    • Nitty Gritty Coaching Call Recording
  • 4
    FOUR: Marketing
    • Welcome to Marketing!
    • Getting Set Up
    • Explaining Associates
    • Document: Email Templates
    • Document: Ali's Pricing Guide
    • Video: Associate Website Example
    • Marketing Worksheets + Assignments
    • Submit your Q&A for this week's coaching call!
    • Marketing Coaching Call Recording
  • 5
    FIVE: Workflow
    • Welcome to Workflow!
    • Workflow
    • Client Experience + Awkward Leadership
    • Document: Pre-Wedding Questionnaire
    • Ali's Editing Workflow
    • Document: Wedding + Second Shooter Spreadsheet
    • Video: Smart Previews Tutorial
    • Workflow Worksheets + Assignments
    • Submit your questions for this week's coaching call!
  • 6
    SIX: Course Reflection
    • Course Reflection Worksheets
  • 7
    • 20% off branding packages with Kyla Studio!
    • $200 off your first 3 months of biz coaching with Val Marlene!
    • 6 Tips for Booking Clients Consistently
    • 5 Steps to Organizing Your Biz Finances
    • SEO 101
    • Steps to Associate Launch Timeline



    Learning from the expert is one thing, but walking alongside and getting support from other students building their associate programs is priceless! Ask any questions you may have along the way. We'll also celebrate with ya!


    Ali will walk through her exact process of figuring out how to price for shoots + weddings, how to figure out how much to pay her associates, and ultimately take the emotions out of pricing. You'll feel really confident with your pricing after seeing this process!

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One-time investment of $497

for lifetime access

Emily Megan Photo

Emily Megan

Emily Megan Photo

"Ali is full of info and knowledge on how to scale and build your business beyond your wildest dreams. She lays out the framework of how to make your associate program work for you and not just add on to your workload and to-do list."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have time to complete this course?

    I get it! You're already dealing with having a million tabs open and trying to keep up with your emails on top of all the other biz tasks. I designed this course to serve you, not overwhelm you. My biggest desire is that you see results after taking this course! I say allow for about an hour a week of videos and assignments (+ bonus content) for 5-6 weeks!

  • How long can I access the course?

    You'll get lifetime access the course! Ideally, I'd love if you went along with the community week by week and attended coaching calls, but if you'd like you can go at your own pace! You can also go back and refresh your memory if needed. The coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course so you'll get extended access to those as well.

  • What if I already have associates?

    This course is for you too! There's not much info online on this topic, so most of us just jump in without having all the info in place. If you want to fill in the missing gaps and see how someone else runs each part of an associate team, this course is for you! I've been doing it for 3 years now and have experienced a lot through trial and error.

  • Is this course worth the investment?

    I get it, spending money on your biz is tough. Especially when there's so much noise in the online space! We have to truly look at the ROI. But think about it...can you afford to not get this course? Even if you're bringing home $1000-$1500 after taxes and expenses per associate wedding, you've paid for this course and then some by booking only ONE associate wedding. I know you'll blow yourself away by how much you scale your biz income by having a team, but remember just one wedding pays for this course and then some. Not to mention, if you book 10 associate weddings from this course, you'll have made $10,000-$15,000 (and this is even after taxes and expenses). So wild!

  • What's your refund policy?

    With the nature of online content, once you click register for the course you won't be issued a refund.

  • I'm not booking that many weddings right now. Is this for me?

    Refer back to the "Is this course worth the investment?" answer. One wedding pays for this course like 3 times! But I would also say, this program is for you if you want to build an associate team in a different category of your business, like seniors or families. You can hire an associate to run your senior program and scale your business while you focus on other things!

  • How can I contact you if I have more questions?

    You can email alileighphoto@gmail.com if you have any other questions!